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My friend that tends to my sluice box when I'm dredging came by the house just now with this

pretty rock.....post-300-0-36886900-1330108675_thumb.jpg he said it was Agate but I don't have a clue

about rocks....post-300-0-81458100-1330108685_thumb.jpg we put it on the butcher's

scale and it weighs 6.695 kilos.....post-300-0-55294700-1330108695_thumb.jpg so if someone is

interested in buying something like this let me know...

The first and third pic is the inside and the other is of the back side....

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A good rule of thumb to use is that if it is agate you can see thru it and if you can not see thru it then it is jasper.....That is obviously agate and does not appear to have any fractures present. Brazil has a lot of agate and a lot of it gets dyed for better color. Jerry

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It's an agate alright but I don't see anything special about it. Brazil has exported thousands of tons of those over the years. While it is a nice find, the cost of shipping it to the US would probably be more then it's worth.


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