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Plan on detecting in Arizona, Better read this first! You may not agree with them, but it is the law....


A. DefinitionsThe following definitions shall apply in this Chapter unless the contextrequires otherwise:1. "Affinity" means the condition of relationship established throughmembership in a common cultural group.2. "Applicant" means an institution, organization or corporationorganized for scientific, research, or land-use planning purposesthat seeks to obtain a permit.3. "Archaeological site" means any area with material remains of pastIndian or non-Indian life or activities that are of archaeologicalinterest, including without limitation, historic or prehistoric ruins,burial grounds, and inscriptions made by human agency.4. "Archaeological specimen" is defined in A.R.S. '41-841.5. "Collect" means to remove an object from its location withoutdisturbing the ground at or around that location.6. "Collection survey" means a survey that may, but need not, involvethe actual collection of archaeological or paleontologicalspecimens.7. "Director" means the Director of the Arizona State Museum or anofficial designee of the Director.8. "Excavate" means to effect any disturbance of the ground, includingmovement of earn or stone.Policy Number: 8-201y Name: Rules Implementing A.R.S. '15-1631 and '41-841, et seq., The Arizona Antiquities Act -

Metal Detecting In Arizona? The Laws Apply To You As Well

GeneralPolicy Revision Dates: 6/91Page 2Rev. 5/009. "Excavation" means a field activity involving ground disturbance forthe purpose of intensive examination of subsurface remains,including testing for the purpose of site evaluation.10. "Explore" means to pursue any activity with the purpose of locating,recording, or investigating any archaeological or paleontologicalsite.11. "Kinship" means the condition of relationship by traceable descentfrom a common ancestor.12. "Lands owned or controlled by the State" means lands owned orcontrolled by the State of Arizona or by any agency, instrumentality,or political subdivision of the State of Arizona, including any countyor municipal corporation.13. "Non-collection survey" means a survey that does not include thecollection of archaeological or paleontological specimens.14. "Paleontological site" means any area in which paleontologicalspecimens are found.15. "Paleontological specimen" means a fossilized plant or animal orfossilized evidence of a plant or animal, such as a footprint.16. "Permit" means an Arizona Antiquities Act Permit for Archaeologicalor Paleontological Investigations on Lands Owned or Controlled bythe State as required by A.R.S. '41-841.17. "Permittee" means an institution, organization, orcorporation towhich a permit is issued.18. "Preservation" means permanent protection from disturbance of anarchaeological or paleontological site in situ, of scientific datarecovery to preserve the information and specimens contained inthe site.Policy Number: 8-201y Name: Rules Implementing A.R.S. '15-1631 and '41-841, et seq., The Arizona Antiquities Act -GeneralPolicy Revision Dates: 6/91Page 3Rev. 5/0019. "Principal investigator" means the person with overall administrativeresponsibility for a project.20. "Project director" means the person immediately in charge ofdirecting all phases of a project.21. "Public repository" or "repository" means an institution thatpermanently houses an provides curatorial services for scientific orhistorical collections and records for the benefit of the public.22. "Survey" means an activity with the purpose of locating, identifying,and evaluating archaeological or paleontological sites withoutcausing any disturbance of the ground.

B. General Coverage1. The Rules and Regulations set forth in this Section shall beapplicable to all persons, institutions, organizations, or corporationswho seek to undertake those activities set forth in A.R.S. '41-841.2. No person, institution, organization, or corporation shall undertakeany activity proscribed in A.R.S. '41-841 until a permit is firstsecured from the Director of the Arizona State Museum.

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By the way, Gabby Giffords was involved in the Tucson Shooting in 2011 and has since been replaced by another Dem who was one of her staffers. Can't recall his name, though.

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