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Hi Bill. I know you want any political related posts in the Off Topic forum but here's a question.

If we had a list of elected Congressmen and Senators who have sponsored and/or supported legislation that is unfriendly to miners and those who want access to public lands we could do our best to get them out of office, correct?

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Hi Slim, this section is a bit different than the rest of our forum and some political post are going to be necessary whether we like it or not as the government is the very problem we are addressing. I just want to avoid the banter, insults, and hurt feelings that sometimes comes along with these posts and our mods will simply keep a better watch here and keep it civil.

Feel free to make your post.

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Thank you Bill.

As far as I know, Doc Hastings is the only US Representative (WA) who seems to be a real friend to miners and those who want access to public lands. I am sure there are others, and as we all know, there are those who have sponsored or helped pass legislation that unfairly limits mining and/or public access to our public lands.

I think we need to start by identifying the unfriendly legislation (using the official bills names or numbers) and post the voting records for them. At that point we will have a list of unfriendly legislation and a list of those who were for and against the legislation. Once we have that information, we would know who we want to see reelected and who we want to see defeated.

This is how the American system works.

I am hoping that one or more of out viewers can identify the legislation and that they (or others) can look up and post the voting records. I believe most or all of this is online but I do not know where. Can anyone help?

I can cut and paste (like a monkey on crack!) once this info is obtained.

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