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Anyone else going to the GPAA meeting in Red Bluff, CA on March 11th and 12th? I'm thinking about joining GPAA but I have no idea if they have any claims near me in Red Bluff. If someone could send me a link of a map showing the nearest claim near Red Bluff, CA that would be greatly appreciated. Its supposed to be 75 today!! Wish i knew a spot too go where I wouldn't get kicked out. :P

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I'm not sure why no one responded before now, but it can happen. The title didn't let us know what you were asking.

I don't have my claims guide in my "office" so I can't really tell you where the GPAA claims are, and they aren't kept online. The local club meeting will typically have maps showing where the claims are that you can look at, even for a visitor. Also, there are other clubs out there for you to take a look at. Best thing to do is web search for prospecting in and around you or gomtoma local prospecting supply store?

Local clubs will also often take visitors out to their claims a time or three before requiring that you join. I know the GPAA allows you to take up to four guests as long as they're only panning (that rule is too funny to me here in AZ). The GPAA clubs will also bring visitors out to the claims with them as guests to let you see what it's all about, so get in contact wi your local chapter and find out when their next trip is.

Speaking of web search, I see a video I think is from you panning of the Feather River posted on another forum. Looks like a fun day and I agree with the response there about wishing we had creeks with water :)

GPAA isn't a bad start to getting on some valid claims in known gold areas. And you're spot on for wanting to make certain you're not claim jumping out there - read the post about the claim jumpers in Placerville.

There is a Gold And Treasure show being put on by GPAA on March 10-11 at the Tehama District Fair (http://www.goldprospectors.org/Events/GoldTreasureShows/tabid/62/Default.aspx). These always have local clubs and members ere to specifically answer questions about the areas in the area. Preregister and it could be free to get in - typically $5 or 10 otherwise, I think, but well worth it to see what all is nearby and to gain a LOT of knowledge if you spend the time. There are also good deals to be had from the local shops and national vendors. You can meet the very knowledgeable and friendly Chris Ralph at the ICMJ booth, Red (the inventor and funny guy) from the Gold n Sand videos, one of the inventors of the Gold Cube, and several other folks with cool stuff.

I think the show is what you're thinking is a meeting. It isn't. It's kind of a loose trade show in that it has industry vendors and informative lectures. Mostly it's a way to introduce newbies such as yourself to both local clubs and industry folks and get folks to sign up for GPAA. Don't get me wrong, it can be as fun a you want to make it..

Your best bet if you dont want to/can't afford to join a club right now is to go down to your local BLM office to take a look at the maps. Often if you tell them you're researching to find unclaimed land near producing ares they'll point you in the right direction (map wise - they won't give you turn by turn directions).

Good luck out there!

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