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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi Bill and All,

Little Bro and I got out to a old patch that I was able to extend out a bit more. I found the first 6 nuggets and Scotty had none, :D but to be fair to him he was having a little trouble with his detector and he finally figured out the problem. So like a good Bro I let him in my new patch and sure enough he found the biggest nugget and it's a gold ironstone nugget to boot. :wubu: The last 2 pictures show the ironstone nugget washed off with water. Hope you enjoy!




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Wow, Russ...Those sure are some beauties!!! ... Looks like they've got some weight to them too... Can you help me learn how to use my metal detector on that patch? ... :droolin: ... Cheers, Ron

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Thanks guys!

Uncle Ron... I offered Scotty detecting lessons yesterday when I had 6 nuggets and he had none, he couldn't even crack a smile! :rolleyes: How about detections lessons at happy gulch? (as if you need lessons)

Fred, they are not magnetic, they are hematite.

Hey Steve, there's still pleanty of gold left if you know where to look.

Hey Bill, Hope your cold is gone and you can get out finding some gold.

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