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1.8 million Ounces Of Gold - Los Flores Mine Near Yuma

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Mining company to lease Yuma site

A mining company has signed a letter of intent to lease commercial property in Yuma to serve as its new corporate headquarters and milling facility.

Monkey Rock Group Inc., soon to be renamed Nissi Mining Co., intends to lease the property at 1211 S. Arizona Ave., the company announced. The property was formerly occupied by Sun River Coors Distributing.

The Yuma property will function as the company's new corporate headquarters and staging area for the pay dirt. It also will house all the crushing and milling equipment necessary to extract metal ore from the dirt, according to the news release.

“This is the first step for our company to begin its operations of mining our claims at the Los Flores Mine,” said Dexter Aspacio, head of the company.

The mine, located 15 miles northeast of Yuma, has an independently documented, estimated gross value of approximately $3 billion in gold for production, the news release reported. The estimated tonnage of mineable ore is calculated at 58.5 million tons for approximately 1.8 million ounces of gold.

The Yuma property includes a main office and warehouse as well as fenced and unfenced land areas. The company also has first right of refusal to lease additional space that would be used as an assaying and chemist lab.

The company plans to begin occupancy by March 21. The lease is for two years with up to four two-year options to renew without a rent increase. The company also has an option to purchase the property.

Nissi Mining Co. has identified several highly prospective gold-rich properties in southern Arizona as well as a Mexican property with proven reserves in the billions, according to the company's website at www.nissiminingco.com.

From http://www.yumasun.com/news/company-76859-property-mining.html

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Yeah Flak, I remember a few years ago a crippled up old timer was selling a rock crusher and some other equipment as well as a couple claims out there. He and his partner staked the claims as placer then found veins of free milling gold but got too old and beat up to work them any longer. I'm sure I posted this info on the old WSPA forum when it was hosted here at Nugget Shooter. I'd love to be able to resurrect that thread.

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I'm guessing the sigh is due to the loss of the area for detecting?

It is a penny stock( MOnkey GRoup) for the stock market gamblers

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