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Blasting Caps


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I found a whole smoo of them one day.

Does it have a white crystal stuff inside?

Not a Fragment. That's the whole thing.

Nothing left of them when they go KaBoom.

The ones I found had flat bottoms.

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My grand father was missing all but his middle finger and half his thumb on his left hand from playing with blasting caps as a kid.

Do those get as unstable as dynamite when old or wet?

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SO came by, they didn't recognize it because it didn't have wires coming out of it. Told me to dispose of it without recycling it. Dumped it down a well on our property. Done.

Should make for some good drinking water. :tisk-tisk:

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GJ you must have a small SO and for sure they don't have a bomb squad.....you should have laid it down on the

drive way while they were there and then went and got a hammer and watch how fast SO deputies can haul a$$

on a donut and coffee diet.... :gig:

Keep in mind this experience in the future if you happen onto any more explosives....any military branch will

definitely know what to do.....

Reminds me of the time when the military told me to show up for EOD class....wasn't my idea of playing with

things that can turn your body into thousands of pieces with just one FU.....the instructor was a spiffy little

Sgt. with the perfectly tailored uniform with all kinds of bombs on his table...I took the last seat in the back

of the room....he took all of the first day telling us how bad all those bombs on the table were...and what

impressed me the most was he said that 90% of home grown bomb makers end up blowing themselves up...

by noon I already had it figured out this class wasn't for me but I was ordered there....

So at the end of the day he called my name and asked me.....rocking back and forth on his heels....hands

behind his back....what would I do if I found an unexploded bomb.....without hesitation I said I would run like

hell and call his a$$ to come and get the bomb.....

His next words were "class dismissed except Martin"....after everybody had left he said "Martin I don't think

your cut out for EOD".....I said "Sgt. those are the truest words you've ever spoken".....Sgt. said " Martin

no need for you to come back to this class, dismissed".....WHEW!!!! that was close....

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A few years after my EOD escape I found in the hills of Eastern Okla. what I thought was a good possibility of a stage

coach strong box hidden in a very small opening in some very big rocks.....the site was about three hundred yards up

hill from where a stage coach had been held up before statehood....the money was never found.....people had dug

holes....some really big ones all over the side of that hill....and when I stuck my metal detector inside the rocks it really

sounded off.....

Went to my father-in-laws house just a few miles away and told him about it and he said we needed some dynamite....

that sounded good since his whole life he was the "powder man" in the coal mines so he knew what he was doing....he

sent me to McAlester to buy two sticks of dynamite....he told me what to tell the merchantile....back then anybody could

buy it over the counter....got back to his house about two hours later and you wouldn't believe it...around 30 people were

there waiting for me to return....father-in-law had got on the telephone and called a bunch of his friends to go with us....

needless to say I was just a little teed off.....I refused to tell where the site was and I put the two sticks of dynamite on a

shelf in his tool shed and never went back to get the strong box....a few years later I was poking around in his tool shed

and saw the dynamite on the shelf with all this sticky stuff seeping out....told FIL and he said it was pure nitro glycerin and

it was really dangerous.....

Father-in-law had this really big vegetable garden and strawberry patch out back of his house....on the other side of the

strawberry patch in the far corner was a good size tree that I thought would be a good place to dispose of the dynamite....

so very slowly I eased the dynamite off the shelf and took it to the base of the tree....about 50-70 yards from the house...

Then I loaded my .22 rifle with 15 long rifle shells....stood behind the tool shed for cover and took careful aim around the

corner of the shed....started pull the trigger as fast as I could.....somewhere around the 4th or 5th round the nitro glycerin

changed FL's tree to splinters at the base....kicked the base out and the entire top of the tree fell in FL's strawberry


Both FL and ML were real religious....Assembly of God....as soon as the glass from the windows hit the floor ML was on

her knees talking to God in another language.....FL knew what the explosion was but didn't know why or where....he was

some kind hacked off when he saw that tree on top of his strawberries....

For penitence I spent two whole days cutting that tree up the exact lengths for FL's firplace....and hauling each piece by

hand and stacking them by the side of the house....

Right after the explosion I realized I should have called the Sgt first....

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Well was a test well checking for water table in a new subdivision. Not for human consumption (1 gpm).

We do have a bomb squad, ever here of the extortion of Harvey's in South Lake Tahoe and the big KaBoom? El Dorado County SO.

I think someone was lazy down at the BS.

Hey, it is their world and if they say it's not a blasting cap then I (don't) believe them. Didn't want to mess with it anymore and figured water and depth would take care of ANY concerns I or anyone else would have with the item.

Same SO I called for being shot at while on BLM land just a couple of weeks ago. I think they know my number now. Guns and explosives. :D

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