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Who is Blue Ribbon Coalition?

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Also, one of our newest members is none other than Del Albright - THE top dog over there at BRC.

He's been at it for years, and is out there in front of those who are making the decisions. Not only does he live the life, scratching by here and there, but also he's out on the trails and interfacing with us. He's one of the nicest gs you'll ever meet... Until you tell him you're shutting off access. Then I would liken him to a rabid pit bull with a taste for your ass.BRC has been at this for years and Del has been there since before day one.

He's not getting rich off our dollars, I asked him myself once, and has months that are tough to get through. So I know for a fact he's the real deal. His wife, Stacie, is a great lady who is as much in to this as he is. Together they're not to be messed with when trying to close access. You will come away with chunks out of your hide!

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Thank you for the kind words GlennM. I highly recommend that members of this forum take a peek at the BlueRibbon Coalition's website to learn more about what we do to help keep our public lands for the public instead of from the public. It's sad that a lot of user groups can't unite together as we are all in this together regardless of our recreational interests and pursuits. Please don't hesitate to shoot us questions.

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It would be nice to see groups lile the BRC, PLP,The More You Dig, and others unite under one front. It seems that every group has there own agenda and don't want to get involved with another even though they are fighting for the same cause.

How long can we last if we keep trying to do it by ourselves?

Each of these groups above are great groups and can use our support.

Thank you BRC for what you are doing.

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Hi Del and Stacy. I just asked this of Rick at WMA and I'll ask you the same question.

All these people you are trying to enroll in your organization can do more than just send in their checks and try to get others to do the same can they not?

Do you have a list of elected Congressmen and Senators who have sponsored and/or supported legislation that is unfriendly to miners and those who want access to public lands? I would think identifying them and getting them out of office would be real important.

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