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Just wanted to let all you who don't normally go to the Miner's Rights and Land Use forum on here know that we have in attendance there Del Albright, the big dog for Blue Ribbon Coalition, and Jerry Hobbs, big dog for PLP, both in he same "I am thinking again" head Bill put up recently. Also in attendance is Western Mining Association's Rick.

Now's your chance to ask questions and get answers - maybe even decide if/who will be the best to give your hard earned time or cashola to..

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Thanks Glenn, I am always interested in listing and learning more about what we can do to keep our lively hood alive...

Hey John old buddy why do you find it funny what is happening to mining and land rights? I surly do not understand that unless you have a better solution and if so speak up man because time is running out.

A big part of the problem has been and is that folks are more than willing to criticize others efforts without offering help or advise themselves.

Not being a jerk trying to start crap with ya John, but it is time to help with advise or offer constructive criticism not giggle at others stepping up giving time, money, and effort to help. We all need to work together to save our own butts or we are soon to be toast my friend....

You yourself can be a big help with your vast knowledge of mining and what is stacked against us and your help is needed!

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Just a thought. We need a really BIG Political Dog that will fight for our rights and tear down the eco groups bent on destroying citizens rights to use our own fed, state and private lands. I doubt the current Repub canidates even know what's happening in this country.

Where's a president with balls?


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