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Rock From the Moon

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There is a space display going on at my work, and I popped over to donate some meteorites, and take a look at the exhibits. The most interesting was the Rock from the Moon collected by Appollo 15 astronauts David Scott, and James Irwin near the crest of the Moons Dune Crater. It weighs approx 3.3 ounces. The rock is a coarse grain lunar basalt, the result of ancient volcanic eruptions on the moon. The rocks pitted surface reflects the impact of tiny meteorites. Its large cavities are called "vugs." They were formed during the eruption. The Appollo astronauts brought back over 1,400 moon rocks, and to this day scientists continue to study them. The picture does not bring the beauty of what this looks like in person. It has a shiny silver look to it in person, as the picture makes it look somewhat brown.

P.S. The rock was encased in 2 really thick glass enclosures, and secured by an alarmed wire, and camera's.



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Yes the Springs Preserve has a space show going on, lt has a lot of items from the Appollo missions, and the Space Shuttle. There is also a meteorite from the moon (Dar al Gani) there that you can touch, and see.


Dave, it that over at the Preserve? I need to get over there and check out their exhibit if it is. I have heard from a few that's it pretty good.


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