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A small town restaurant started serving bass for their Friday night fish fry and was buying the fish from a local fisherman. The game warden heard about it and started an undercover investigation. It wasn't long before he found out who the lucky fisherman was.

He got to talking with the guy and arranged to go fishing with him to learn his secret.

Once out on the lake, the fisherman opened up his tackle box and took out a stick of dynamite. He lit it and tossed it overboard. Within minutes, fish started floating up to the surface and he began netting the bass.

At that point, the game warden pulled out his badge and identified himself. The quick thinking fisherman pulled another stick of dynamite out of his tackle box, lit it, and tossed it into the game warden's lap. "There," he said, "are you going to talk or are you going to fish???"

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I heard that joke nearly 30 years ago, it is still around, hasn't changed any from the original version.....some things are just meant to last!

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A Man took his wife on a fishing trip into the mountains to a lake he had a cabin on.

Early the next morning he got up and tried to get the wife up but she told him to go fish and she could sleep in. He came back in about 10:00 am and she could tell he was tired so she suggested he should take a nap and she would go out and read some.

She went down to the dock and sat in the boat reading when a game warden pulled up and asked to see her fishing license, she said she had no license and was not fishing. He looked at all the gear in the boat and said He was going to give her a ticket for fishing since she had all that equipment in the boat, She asked him to call the police , she told him she was going file Rape charges. He told there was no reason for that , she said " Well you got the equipment , So "

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