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Suction Dredge Hearing


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Last I looked, this case is on the 8:30 calendar in Department 32 which, as I recall, is on the third floor. By 9am all the arguments could be over. There may be a tentative ruling available at the court clerk's desk or posted in the hallway. The calendar posted in the hallway has the order of items by number -- however, the judges occasionally change the order due to other priorities, so don't rely on the posted order or you may miss out on the arguments [which typically take 5 to 10 minutes each, but an unusual one like this easily could go a half hour or more].

NOTE: For those of you unfamiliar with the area, there are TWO courthouses very close to one another. One is primarily for criminal cases and will have a long, long metal detector line. Don't get stuck in that one. The court you want is the civil court at 303 3rd Street. It also has a metal detector screening entryway. So allow yourself some time for being processed into the courthouse. ALSO, please note that the freeways in the area are undergoing massive upgrading. This means that many exits may temporarily be blocked. Before heading to the court be sure to download a decent map. Your street guidance GPS may keep you driving in circles because of the numerous street closures and detours. There are only two little coffee shops that I know of nearby, but they each open fairly early. The courthouse did not have any food or beverages for sale inside last time I was there [about three weeks ago].

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