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My name is Scott A Cox and I currently reside in south Florida.  I am 50 years old and am the owner of Plumbing Renovations LLC, a small plumbing company specializing in remodeling and service for the last 10 years or so.  I am formally trained as an engineer and graduated with a BS Chemical Engineering degree from UF in 1989.  After working as an engineer for several years, I realized I would be better off financially as a plumbing contractor and got my state contractors license in 2004.  I became a certified scuba diver upon moving to Florida in 1985.  In 1986 I relocated to Gainesville, FL, to attend UF.  One of my first classes that year was a weight training elective and the professor was a cave diving instructor.   I thought that I wouldn't be able to dive much during college but then realized that north Florida has a tremendous amount of fresh water springs and sinkholes.  I became certified first for cavern diving then basic cave and finally full cave diver.  I continued diving throughout the rest of my college days and continued to travel back from south Florida after graduation to explore and dive whenever I could.  In 2000, I joined a team of elite cave divers known as the WKPP (Woodville Karst Plain Project).  We are focused on exploration and protection of the many cave systems that lie in the Woodville Karst Plain, a geological area of subsurface limestone that extends from south of Tallahassee down to the Gulf of Mexico.  I started out on the team as a support diver and progressed through the years to eventually become a gas diver doing long, deep, decompression dives primarily to support the primary exploration team.  The focus of the team over the last ten years has been the exploration and mapping of Wakulla Springs located  in Wakulla Springs State Park.  Wakulla is one of the largest and deepest springs in the world with an average depth of 285 ft and miles of conduit running well beyond the park borders and connecting to other nearby cave systems.  These dives are conducted using mixed gas rebreathers, drysuits equipped with heaters, DPV's (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) and multiple support teams all working together towards a common goal.  This type of diving has allowed me to gain a tremendous amount of experience working underwater to rig equipment, stage gear and to become comfortable with overcoming problems in an overhead environment with no immediate access to the surface.

I am married and have no children.  My wife and I are planning to relocate later this year to Nevada to be near her father and because we are both tired of Florida and have wanted to move out west for some time to pursue other activities.  I have always been very interested in mining and would like to explore opportunities for a possible new career or business venture in gold mining.  With my diving experience, a dredging type operation naturally came to mind and I have been reading everything I can find on the subject for the last year or so.  I currently own a huge amount of diving gear including drysuits equipped with heated vests and thermal undergarments, many tanks of all sizes including double steel back mounted sets that will last multiple hours at a shallow depth of 20 - 30 ft.

We are currently in the process of selling our house and will shortly be marketing the plumbing business for sale as well.  We have been working towards this goal for some time and have been saving to start a new business venture and relocate.

I am interested in an opportunity to learn the mining business from someone who is knowledgeable and experienced and to avoid trying to do it on my own by trial and error.  I am physically fit and extremely strong from doing plumbing work for the last several years.  I would be happy to work for someone as a dredge operator or mechanic or to look at partnering with the right person or persons in an existing or new mining venture.  I am willing to put in the time to gain the needed experience and the capitol to help fund a venture.

I would like to be able to start something this coming season which I gather usually starts around May or June.  If any of this sounds reasonable or you may know of an opportunity that exists, I would really appreciate the chance to discuss it further.  I can be reached by email at scottcoxygen@gmail.com or by phone at 561-801-0639.

Thank you,  Scott Cox    

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SCOTT a good person to contact would be Chris Ralph.

He can be reached here by a personal message look up renochris in the member list and copy your post above here and send to him along with any other questions .

He just might have a direction for you to pursue with someone he knows.

Welcome, good luck an Hapy Huntn

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