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100th Anniversary Holbrook Meteorite Fall/Hunt - Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Hi all,

I've just returned home from an awesome 2012 Tucson Meteorite Show. I was swamped with visitors the entire time but what a blast. Lets do it again!

No? Not ready for Tucson again?

Then lets get ready to hunt Holbrook on the 100th Anniversary of the historic fall.

Last year I, along with Jim and Wendy Wooddell hosted a hunt - and as most of you know we came away with literally pounds of meteorites. Well, at least some of us did. In reality we had about 50 newbies and experienced hunters show up and most of the new hunters found their first meteorite there. Of course, Erik and Ben Fisler came away with over a pound of meteorites between the two of them. They're banned this year...


We'll need them to lead the way again.

see video of last year here


This year is gonna be huge! There will likely be many more attending so it's imperative that if you plan to attend you start making plans now. This year the hunt will take place on Saturday July, 21, 2012. However, we'll all meet on Friday (July, 20 2012) evening at the pool area at the Motel 6 in Holbrook for a general meet and greet and instructions on the hunt.

Feel free to bring your own food or drinks and mix and mingle. There is a Denny's next door for those of you that would rather do that.

Many will also stay to hunt on Sunday, but I probably won't.

If you are planning on going please email me so I know who is coming. My email is MrMeteorite@gmail.com

This is only the first notice so If you aren't yet sure if you'll attend don't worry just yet.

Here is the address and info on where most of us BIG SPENDERS will stay.

Motel 6 Holbrook #4361

2514 Navajo Boulevard

I-40 at Navajo Boulevard, Exit #286 East - #289 West

Holbrook, AZ, 86025

Phone: (928) 524-6101

FAX: (928) 524-1806

If you need any other info just call or email - 602 481 9780


Rock On!

Ruben Garcia

Website: www.MrMeteorite.com

Articles: www.meteorite.com/blog/

Videos: www.youtube.com/profile?user=meteorfright#p/u

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