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Ive had my new eTrex 20 for a couple weeks now, but havent had time to play with it till today. Satellite Imagery is mainstream, and ( to me ) is a step up ftom 7-1/2 Topo Maps when it comes to prospecting in General. To have a Paper Topo is probably still the most reliable especially if you can Read Township & Range properly.

Anyway , ive been downloading Satellite imagery onto my Garmin like all day ( no life) , and its working great. The imagery is still good at 200 ft. and less is some cases. 1.7 GB of extra Internal memory and I have hardly put a dent in that with over 300 sq Kilometers of Images. There are so many bells and whistles on this unit , that it may take a while to learn just half of it.

Anyway , I just wanted to let you all know about this product. The imagery is a subscription through Garmin for 30 bucks a year, and the eTrex20 is 185.00 through REI.


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The difference for me Jason, is lack of cell coverage.

Also I like the GPS + Laptop mounted in my truck, lot's easer to "view it on the big screen"

We use Garmin Rhino's with the 2 way radios, great way to keep track of each other.

Once we get away from the I 80 corridor the cell phones become paperweights.

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Just curious if there is some advantage of a standalone gps nowadays over a smartphone?

Droids are great but most of my hunting time is spent miles beyond the reach of cell service., so the GPS would be the reliable way to go for me.. So I guess, it may have to depend on the persons hunting style. Also I dont keep my phone on when out of the service area ,as it seems to kill the battery , where as the garmin will last for 24 + hours navigating constanty with no other needed service. Just the same as , I would prefer a Led Maglight for navigation VS the led on a droid. Remember we`re talking about reliable navigation , not ordering pizzas & texting girly friends out in the sticks. :D I would also question the ruggedness of a droid , although ive been told that they are quite tough.

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You don't need cell reception though. You can download all the topos and satellite imagery offline just like with a GPS, except store 8 times more data on the phone's larger SD card and all the maps/images are free. :brows: I use Backcountry Navigator app, had it for a year so I'm sure there is probably something better out there now. It's $10, no subscription. You can select straight USGS topos too which show the mines and prospects unlike the vectorized topos the gps's tend to use (though I know you can buy usgs topos for gps nowadays) and select a number of different aerial sources.


It sounds wonderful, maybe I need to catch up on modern technology. I will ask a friend of mine with a droid to a challenge. We will see whos system boots up and hold a signal quicker in a remote area.....

The main point of the post was that , we used to have to pay alot for a GPS that could handle satellite imagery, and now things have changed with the new line of eTrex Series....

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Im lucky if I can find something on my phone that I put in it much less navigate with it. I have been trying to learn my GPS but since I dont use it much I forget what does what. Just give me a map and compass an I will find my way. I will be the first to admit that tech has far passed my learning curve.

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Nice to see that the phone GPS's don't need cell service to work. If you have one there is real no need to buy a GPS.

A good phone can combine several devices.

I did read that they are not as fast to start or as accurate without cell service. That they are geared towards using AGPS. And the GPS antennas in the phones are week.

Also there are wares that can track your locations without you knowing.

Skip tracers and repo men use this "feature" to locate clients.

I'll still keep and use my Rhino's they don't have a contract with crazy monthly payment :)

$99 and a wallet tap, how much is that a year? Close to a grand assuming monthly service @ $79


No reason you can't have several SD cards for the GPS so storage is moot.

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Actually thats a good idea a smartphone/camera/gps without a contract, those pay as you go plans would be a cheep way to have the phone without the monthly bill.

I still like the radio and location polling of the Rhinos, but the way tech advances it won't be long before those features will be added to a great all in one device.

I saw a prototype/concept iPhone image the other day that was just a thin, narrow bracelet. The Dick Tracy wrist radio/tv is very close. You do remember Dick Tracy comics? :)

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