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Goodbye Happy Gulch, Hello Happy Ridge!

Uncle Ron

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Yo all...went out Saturday morning for one last sweep of Happy Gulch, but there wasn't a single target in several hours of gridding...just after mid-day I decided to head for the barn but hiked up on top of the ridge above the gulch and started following a game trail back down ... I was just sort of casually swinging the GPX4500 with the NF 17"Mono and hit a couple of targets--.22 Slugs--but they piqued my interest again so I slowed down, but still following the trail...The critters usually take the most easy and direct route, and that was for me...As I started across the head of a little draw that leads down into the gulch, I got a very loud target, but the 4500 said "ferrous"--woo-wee ... Dug an old nail ... got it onto my magnet, took another swing and got another ferrous sound--tip of an old square nail ... Then I took another swing and there was a huge booming target, that said "wee-woo" ... I sort of half heartedly dug and it really screamed loud ... Long story short, there, up on top of the ridge, nestled in exposed bedrock, was this nearly quarter ounce beauty.. There was a good bit of caliche on it, but the LimeAway and the GemOro made short work of that... The nugget ended up 4.1 DWT ... I would have hunted more, but Dodacious had us scheduled for a barbecue at some friends' house ... I did allow myself to toast more than once to Happy Ridge! ... Can you say "Reposado?" ... Here's my usual excess of photos ... Cheers, Unc







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