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Happy Gulch Hillside Puzzle

Uncle Ron

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Yo All...Even though I felt I'd cleaned out Happy Gulch, I decided to go back Thursday just because it was an awesome AZ day--High 70's and a slight breeze...I slowly beeped the entire length of the gulch without a single target...After a couple of hours I decided to climb up out of the gulch and side hill it back to my quad ... I climbed up about 30-40 feet above the gulch and suddenly got a good strong target and it sounded good..Sure enough, up popped a cute little picker out of some really rich red dirt ... After admiring it for a few minutes, I put it in my poke, stood up and walked about two steps and, Bang, another, even louder target ... Turned out to be a beautiful little sluggy half grammer! ... OK, sez I, I'm sure I've found the hillside source of the gold down in the gulch ... Yahoo, etc. ... I backtracked a couple steps and bang, another target, but this one sounded like ferrous--One thing about the GPX 4500, it has never lied to me ... When it says "ferrous", that is "woo-wee" it is some sort of iron, and sure enough, this target, only a couple feet from the two nuggies, was a boot tack! ... But I was still excited, envisioning an afternoon of cleaning up a hillside patch ...

But, not! Other than a couple of old shotgun shells, there wasn't another single target, despite gridding and re-gridding that entire hill side ... I'm still puzzled how those two got there next to the boot tack ... Oh well, it was an awesome afternoon, made even better by whacking the skunk's pee-pee! Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

By the way, here's a photo of yer Unc after a whole day climbing hills, plus a shot of a UFO attack on Vulture Peak! :ROFL:






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Guest goldstudmuffin

Nice going Uncle Ron,

I'm guessing all of the happy gulch nuggets were on the hillside at one time... those 2 little guys you found on the hillside hadn't made it to the gulch yet for one reason or another.

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Nice going Uncle Ron,

I'm guessing all of the happy gulch nuggets were on the hillside at one time... those 2 little guys you found on the hillside hadn't made it to the gulch yet for one reason or another.

I definitely agree with you, Russ...That's why I got so excited ... All the nuggets are pretty waterworn so I reckon about 20 million years ago there was a creek a few thousand feet above what's now Happy Gulch....There are a couple of old hillside diggings, but they're on the opposite side of the gulch from where these two little guys popped up....I still have a bit of a gut feeling that there's more little guys to be found in the general drainage....Cheers, Unc

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Man.........It was a great day out today. Weather was awsome............as you know.

Im in my own hapy gulch and dealing with the same issues that you are.

All I can say is .................

Go over your old ground with new detectror settings.

Set the detector HOT and try to hear through the noise.

Dig off all the overburden and detect it again. OH, its fun, belive me!

I thought I cleaned out my own happy gulch but relized today......NOT...

Jacked the gain up on the 5G and found some more yellow. :)

Had to deal with the hot bedrock and black sand but it tunes our ears as we go.

Had a riot of a time marking spots for my dad to dig the targets out so I could keep beeping.

Keep at it.Your pulling out the yellow stuff :))))))))))))))))


Gas money for the next 10 trips :)

Tom H.




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