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Who will be at the Mesa Gold Show this weekend?

jim mcculloch

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I'm planning on being there Sat or Sun ... depends on a couple things here at the house. Planning to spend a little time at Chris Ralph's booth talking with him at his MCMJ magazine booth. Check there to see if I'm at the show that day as I will stop there first thing when I get there. Looking forward to meeting a few old and new faces if you're there when I am.

Mike F

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I was there both days, mostly playing rent a cop at the back door next to Chris Ralph and Dakota Fred's booths :)

Sgt Frank got a handful of Porcupine Creek tailings for his wife :D

Nice! Bret Chilcott, from AZ Desert Gold Drywashers said he pretty much sold out, and it was a good show. He said Dakota Fred was a huge hit.

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LOL @ Goldfinger!

Several of the smaller companies did great and had to call back for more products. I know that A&B Prospecting did OK. Promack was kinda down on expectations. The wet, non-recirc recovery folks didn't fare too well (kind of expected that), unless you talk to Gold n Sand (Red and his suction to a bucket thing) as he had 20 on day one with more parts for assembly and had to go get some glue to assemble more overnight... He had 2 left at the end of Sat. Gold Cube was doing well, also.

I renewed my ICMJ for two years with my acquaintance, Chris Ralph (RenoChris), and spent a goodly amount of time talking to both Dakota Fred and his handler, Paul, from Discovery Channel.

I learned a new-to-me phrase for a futile effort... It's like wiping your butt with a wagon wheel. It just never ends. :laugh:

Had a good conversation with Brandon Johnson, president of GPAA, and even spoke about the possibility of me going to work for them. But I'm not sure what they're looking for is in my purview of real skills (something about doing actual work or something. I'm a project manager, dang it! LOL)

I also learned that there are some real characters in the Phoenix GPAA chapter, and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

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