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I only found one, but

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I was in Greaterville by 7 am. What a beautiful Day. All morning I dug nothing but, Lead, nails, and Tin. After lunch, I decided to try another spot. Within 10 min. I got a good target, I thought another Bullet. The hole was about 9 inches deep, when out popped a little glob of red clay. After rubbing it

I could see yellow. What a great day. Dougpost-3800-0-51128800-1328833873_thumb.jppost-3800-0-27971800-1328833908_thumb.jp

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That is a great looking nugget Doug! I bet you are still dancing around with a find like that. What machine, coil and setting were you using? If you don't mind sharing.

More Au to you, Robert

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I was using my 4500 with a Coiltex elliptical, Mono 9x14 coil, in enhanced, deep, slow, Gain 12, Stabilizer 10. Hope that I have helped someone. I hear guys say that they don't hunt areas because of the trash. Most times there are nuggets in with the trash. Happy hunting to everyone. P.S. My wife didn't want me to go out today, because the gas costs to much. Tonight she is not complaining. I should be good for a couple weeks. :thumbsupanim :thumbsupanim

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