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Best coil for detecting mass of Au coins up to 4 ft deep?

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May you find nothing but balogna and stale bread in your lunch box. I went over 4500 with big magnifying glass. I no got that setting. I looked at manual. It referred me to section under "do not buy used car from your advisor"

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goldstudmuffin is doing pretty darn good up on the nugget detecting forum and he's using a 24" round mono

with a GP3500...a great machine....and it's gain (sensitivity) is a set value of 8 and can't be changed....

A piece of advise ( the kind that no one every listens too) but it's how I do it....get a piece of lead approximately

3 inches square ( mine is a divers weight).....go to the country where you won't be bothered by any city or

electrical interference....balance the detector and lay the piece of lead on the ground where you balanced...

and test many different settings....start with the factory pre-sets (FP)....you'll be surprised how well they work...

on the front panel I would start with "normal" and FP and test with other small adjustments from there....then

go to "deep" and do the test all over again....

Another thing to try is do what Sgt. Frank says...after your set up and you've done your auto tune and tested

your lead nugget then go and do a manual setting of the frequency to a much lower number and see how that

affects your "depth"....

Good luck and have fun....

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Here is a post I saved from Jonathan Porter, detailing recommended settings for large coils and deep gold on the 45

Motion mode SLOW

Gain 8 (Gain can be increased if conditions allow up to 12)

Stabilizer 8


Signal 19


Coil RX DD or MONO

Search Mode GENERAL (I recommend General because the FP's best represent the previous GP range for benchmark purposes)

Target Volume FP for Headphone use, less for speaker

Volume Limit 12 for inbuilt booster with correctly wired speaker or 8 with a B&Z booster or equivalent

Threshold 1 to 2 O'clock

Back light OFF (helps with signal response crispness)

When ground balancing in Enhance timings keep the coil as parallel to the ground as possible, move the coil in small movements (not much more the 30 mm) then hold the coil perfectly still before releasing the Quick Trak button. Do not sweep the coil too fast in these timings, they are or can be very swing dependant, even though the machine sounds very quiet a steady swing speed (DD coil users will adapt to this method very well) is paramount for best depth and sensitivity. Keep an ear out for slight repeatable variations in response as these can more often than herald deep nuggets.

Hope this helps


PS for outright depth with the GPX platform Normal timings are preferred, this will give equivalent performance to a 3500 with the added advantage of adjustability on things like Gain, Stabilizer, Motion etc

PPS I have 2 x training DVDs (2 x 2 disc sets) on the GPX range which go into great depths on how to get the best out of the detectors.

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Garimpo and SGTFDA,

Alas, it is not for lack of interest. It is finances. I had expected some more income by now. But the money gods did not smile on me as I had hoped. My money was shuffled off to the emergency room for a cotton-picking kidney stone of all things. I am good health now though. So, I still lack the 25 inch coil and still have no transportation. However, I retain "High Hopes" kinda like that old Frank Sinatra song.

Thank you both for your replies and concerns.

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