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Gem theft of nearly $1 million reported - Tucson


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That's a terrible thing to happen to anyone, esp under the circumstances. But I agree with Adam on the value. Just a sad story

I recall some valuable opals were stolen within the past five years or so. The two dealers had just finished up the show in Tucson and were headed back to Florida. Somewhere in Georgia they stopped to eat and found their van was broken into afterwards. They think the thieves were following them since they left Tuscon and were just waiting for their opportunity. We need an "hanging" emoticon just to show everyone what I would do to those thieves if it happened to me.


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:grr01: How retarded can people be??? This has happened so many times it makes me sick. They followed Pete Pederson and hit him TWICE at them GPAA shows because he kept leaving poundage in the car. Bizarre-John :*&$*(:

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