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Fifteen years ago I introducted camo (BDU's) here for detecting clothes....many of the locals were

wearing white shirts and ball caps while out beeping....any white article of clothing really stands

out against the dark green jungle and that also includes white coils....

Here it's not good to be seen or have people knowing where you are....especially when your alone

like I am most of the time....

One thing I never thought of until last week when me and my beeping partner were in the clean

area, he was about 400 yeads from me with the heavy green jungle for a back ground and he was

very hard to see but every time he swung the coil I got a very distinct flash off the lower rod of the


So now it's either a very light sanding or a light coat of flat black paint for the lower rod...even for

you guys beeping in the desert the same thing would happen and give your position away to eyes

that maybe you don't want to know your there.....

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