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Howdy Gang,

Well I made my 2nd annual trip south to Tucson for the Gem & Mineral show, and was hosted by John B. He is the finest host (and lets not forget Sweet Pea), one could ask for :thumbsupanim . I was there for a total of four days, but spent my annual income with-in the first 24 hrs. :cry2: on more meteorites and even got a nice piece of the newest martian fall, Tissant :nutty: . However, that left me with a little more than two days to spare. I got a chance to see the 13th annual Birthday Bash and the meteorite auction, but really wanted to go metal detecting. I took all my stuff for the hopes of going hunting for some meteorites or even gold and having John show me the ropes. Well, John made a phone call to Russ and Scotty (Studmuffin twins) and off we went. I figured I was going to come away empty handed, it is one of John's patches and he doesn't leave much behind :tisk-tisk: , nonetheless, I'm competing with the twins. We hunted about 4 hours or so and didn't find any meteorites, but managed to snag a "dink-ette" :ROFL: . John and Scotty both got one too, so I felt pretty proud for finding some gold. Russ and Scotty are a great bunch of guys, needless to say, I was worried for my life on the way back, because I didn't know if they had eaten lunch (however, I knew I could probably outrun them if need be...)

All-in-all a great trip down south, great show, and a great time spent with friends. Thanks again for the hospitality John, and thanks for not eating me Russ and Scotty... :hahaha:

Jason :)

Here is the "dink-ette", 0.20 dwt


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I was good to meet you, and that nugg looked bigger in person! Congrats on the Tissint, that one is out of my budget, but I did come home with a few nice specimens.

Here's pictures I took around on Saturday: http://img196.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=tucson2012065.jpg

Great times, can't wait to do it again next year! Hopefully my lottery numbers will hit before then so I can bring home the actual rocks, and not just their picts.

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I had plans to meet all of you guys at the meteorite birthday bash but was really sick earlier last month and cancelled my reservations.. :grr01: .Still not feeling too good. I'll try and make it down there next year. Any chance of finding another host like John B? But nice to see you had a good time. :thumbsupanim


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Frank, it was an honor to hunt with John. He's got the Mojo, pointy finger thing going pretty well....

Steve, there is always next year. However, I need to start saving now, I want more meteorites every time it seems...

Mike, it was nice to meet everyone down there. Maybe next year we can go out before the craziness of the BB and auction for dinner...

Richard, I wish I could say dumb luck, but man it seems like work every time, each time.

Jason :tisk-tisk:

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