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OK, I reallly do not know what this is.

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Johnno and Bedrock Bob, espescially - because you have been so good to me in another thread...

It may well be fossilized Elk Poo!! LOL

These are rather unfocused photos (I apologise) of a little stone that I found in a river in Southern

Quebec about fifty years ago. (I was an avid rockhound in my very early years.) As a matter of fact, I

still have (and use) my rockhound's pick that I bought from a mail-order catalogue when I was twelve years old!

The little sample is quite magnetic, seems to exhibit a fusion crust, has dimples that might be small regmaglypts,

but the thing about it that I find amazing is that it seems to be quite light, compared to other rocks discovered

in the vicinity of comparable size.

OK, here's a few pictures; I apologize for the poor quality.


Weight is 33.3 grains. (NOT very heavy, for its size!)




As you can see, the magnet picks up the sample readily.



Those are "before and after" pictures, when I scratched the sample across the

underside of my toilet tank lid. TEN enthusiastic strokes produced the trace you

see here.

I'd appreciate any and all comments on my find, which has been my "lucky rock" and carried

in my watch pocket for oh so many years.


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Well, it is tiny. And other than appearance in a fuzzy photo, all that is indicated is that it is magnetic. And a hell of a lot of rocks are magnetic. No streak is a good thing.

I would take a loupe of about 20-30X and examine the surface and take in all that "crust". Then I would take a dab of contact cement and glue a piece of 180 wet/dry paper to one side of a 1" X 1/4" X 6" piece of oak. On the other side I would glue a piece of 320. Then I would use that abrasive stick to grind a window in the little rock and see what it looks like under the "crust". If you can see the magnetic attraction is coming from a piece of free native iron then I would say there is a chance that you might have a gift from Uranus.

In all seriousness, there is absolutely no telling about any rock being a meteorite unless an expert says it is. All we as rockhounds can do is examine the physical characteristics and make a WAG. If your gut feeling is good after learning about meteorites and doing the tests that you can do, then call the prairie meteorite watch fellows in Canada and have an expert evaluate it. So far your streak and magnetic test is positive and a closer look at the surface can render an opinion on fusion crust. Grind a little window and look for nickle iron. And then get used to the feeling that no matter how many tests you do and no matter how certain you may be that it is a meteorite, it aint until an expert says it is.

When you grind the window you will get a very accurate streak color. My bet is that it is magnetite and the streak will be grey and the polished face will be a mineral metal that is much darker in color than any polished steel. Almost the color of dark blued gun steel.

And Karl, leave the toilet tank lid alone. A stick with wet rub paper glued to it makes a lot better streak plate and does not piss the little woman off so much. It cuts a lot faster than ceramic and the color is true becasue there is plenty of dust there to produce a streak.

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