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A group Spank for Goldstudmuffin :o)

John B.

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Hi All

Jason (Jayray) from Vegas came down for the gem show :cool: . Since he's especially fond of space rocks we decided on a days hunt were I found a meteorite while hunting gold. I gave Russ a call and Invited him and his little brother Scotty to join us :D . I'm one of the last to brag or even post about a dink. But after giving ol Russ every chance in the world to redeem his reputation he chocked :nono: !!! I mean I even left my pick, magnet and scoop at home !! Have you ever tried using a friggin screwdriver to dig minelab targets :barnie: !! Well that was the hedge I gave Russ :inocent: . After spending some time trying to get Jayray over a piece of space rock I worked my way over towards the drainage Russ had just gone up. I dropped into the gully and my first target in his footprint was a nugget :gig: . Now if you think this was easy try your hand at diggin minelab targets with nothing but a screwdriver :grr01: !! Well as it turned out my pointy finger was a little rusty on space rocks for Jason but Jason, Scotty and I got nuggets and gave ol Russ a spankin :rasberry: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi John,

Thanks for the invite, :arrowheadsmiley: we had a great time and enjoyed meeting Jason and hunting with him. :head: It's always a blast to hunt with John and see some of his old beat up patches. Congrats on the nuggets John, Scott and Jason :D . John, Scott and I talked it over and if you are a real good boy your invited to a special goldstudmuffin patch. :rolleyes:

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Howdy Gang,

Well I made my 2nd annual trip south to Tucson for the Gem & Mineral show, and was hosted by John B. He is the finest host (and lets not forget Sweet Pea), one could ask for :thumbsupanim . I was there for a total of four days, but spent my annual income with-in the first 24 hrs. :cry2: on more meteorites and even got a nice piece of the newest martian fall, Tissant :nutty: . However, that left me with a little more than two days to spare. I got a chance to see the 13th annual Birthday Bash and the meteorite auction, but really wanted to go metal detecting. I took all my stuff for the hopes of going hunting for some meteorites or even gold and having John show me the ropes. Well, John made a phone call to Russ and Scotty (Studmuffin twins) and off we went. I figured I was going to come away empty handed, it is one of John's patches and he doesn't leave much behind :tisk-tisk: , nonetheless, I'm competing with the twins. We hunted about 4 hours or so and didn't find any meteorites, but managed to snag a "dink-ette" :ROFL: . John and Scotty both got one too, so I felt pretty proud for finding some gold. Russ and Scotty are a great bunch of guys, needless to say, I was worried for my life on the way back, because I didn't know if they had eaten lunch (however, I knew I could probably outrun them if need be...)

All-in-all a great trip down south, great show, and a great time spent with friends. Thanks again for the hospitality John, and thanks for not eating me Russ and Scotty... :hahaha:

Jason :)

Here is the "dink-ette", 0.20 dwt


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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi Jason,

John B always makes sure we're well fed before he takes us out in the field. :wubu: ( Thank You JB!)

I always thought it was because he likes to watch us eat... :ROFL: or maybe he's afraid if Scotty gets hungry out in the wild he could actually gnaw off an arm or a leg! :droolin:

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