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Junior Rockhound detector training


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Ask the Lord for patience for me today. I am giving a demonstration to the Motherlode Mineral Society Jr Rockhounds on metal detecting. This will be hands on with all kids going away from the hunt field with money in their pockets from hunting and also a club logo tshirt with the words :"I love to dirt fish --I love rocks" on them. Everybody at the class will get to hunt for a while and while the adults meet they will be able to use the detectors while being supervised so no one uses them as a baseball bat. I did this last year and it went over well. In the May meeting I will give a presentation to the adults. It is amazing what kind of detectors the adults come up with in the hopes of finding gold......Jerry

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Bill no photos as I was too busy although the club got some and if I get them I will try to post some. I had 13 youngsters plus their parents. I seeded a field with tokens and coins. I planted two heaping handfuls that I had previously dug. Everyone got to detect until they found a token which they traded for a tshirt. They got to keep all the coins they found and after everyone had a token it became a free for all with detectors. I brought five detectors and the kids brought two. They were good about trading off to kids that did not have one. One little guy brought a KMart detector and it actually worked. I took out one youngster prior to the class and worked with him. He actually hit a pocket of coins the had $1.25 in it and dug a total of $1.50 in thirty minutes. He is totally hooked now and I plan on hitting the park as it appears to not have been detected before. It was a great time for all and now I talk to the adults on a more formal level in May. Jerry

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Brings back a memory,

I helped out on a demo at one of the local schools with Jim Smaller a few years ago.

Jim did the detecting demo. I did the panning.

When Jim passed the detector over his knee WITH THE METAL IN IT for the kids it gave off a loud beep and you should have seen the faces on them !!

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