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Hi All I have been thinking about getting a Minelab detector and I heard that there are a fue models Minelab was going to discontinue even for repaires and I was hopeing someone could tell me which ones not to get?

TIA Birddob 1

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Right after reading this today I fired off a email to Minelab and here' their reply:

Don, it doesn’t really guy by year so to speak but pretty much anything before 2000 is a no go. The primary exception is the Excal 800 and 1000. There are a few machines that fall in this range that we will “look” at depending upon the description of the fault as there may be a chance we can repair them. We make no promises though. For folks that have older models that we no longer service because they are obsolete or that we will repair given the availability of parts but can’t we will offer a 15% off discount voucher towards the purchase of a new machine. This voucher is redeemable at any authorized Minelab Partner. The one caveat is that is has a 6 month expiration to it. It can be used on anything up to a GPX5000.


Darin Brown

Customer Care Technician

Minelab Americas | 1418 Brook Drive, Downers Grove, IL 60515 USA.

Customer Care: 1-877-767-6522 | T: 1-630-401-8162 | E: darin.brown@minelabamericas.com

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Hmmmmmmm OK I'll check on this and get the scoop. We were told a while back that parts for the 3500 and up were still available, but some earlier models were not being serviced due to lack of parts.

More to come....

Just talked with them and it is simply a "if we have parts" sort of thing. As par as replacing a full board on a 3000 or earlier it is pretty much not gonna happen. There are however some parts on hand so it can't hurt to let them have a look if you have an issue. Talking about the SD and GP here....

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Any model that they have parts for they will fix.

Also I was told that the owner could source the parts themselves for repair. And that Minelab will still look at the detector and tell you what parts/component it needs.

But this was several months ago ……………

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