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Newbie needs Help!!!!

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Hello everybody,

I am new to meteorite hunting. I've been looking for a year or so. I think I have found one!!  I am looking for people's opinions on this. Here we go

It weighs 481 g

1. It is magnetic

2. It doesn't leave streaks on the rough side of tile. It does scratch it though

3. The specific gravity is 2.96g/cm3

4.i haven't figured out exactly how to do the Nickel test. I need to do more research on this subject

5. Window test? Should I really cut this suspected meteorite? That just sounds crazy. I have a tile saw that will work. 

Any comments or suggestions? 


Thank you all ahead of time


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I wouldn't CUT it, but I would examine both of either ends and determine which end is relatively the flatest, and then just sand it. Use aluminum oxide sand paper, start with 60 or 80 grit, and work my way up to 1000 or even1200 grit, but use all the other grits in between working my way up. ( 80-100-150-240-400-600-800-1000-1200), and when you get to the 400 and up, those are usually "wet sand", but don't use em wet, use em dry. Also don't try to hold the specimen still and sand with the paper in yer other hand, it's easier to lay the paper flat and hold the the specimen firmly to get an evenly cut window into the formerly unexposed interior all with minimal material loss. You should end up with a small, glass smooth, window, and if there is metal and chondrules in there, you will see them and the metal. If this helps? Anybody else care to add to my suggestion?

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Brandon, welcome to the forum and the hobby. From the pics, it doesn't appear to be a meteorite, but pics are always hard to tell from. Unfortunately, I would cut it, but only on the end, and it doesn't have to too big of a cut. That way you can see the inside of it to really tell if it is a 'rite or a wrong by looking for those chondrules and Ni/Fe. But just by the looks of it, it looks terrestrial to me. Just my two cents thrown out there. Keep your fingers crossed and keep looking down. Again, welcome to the forum.


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Hi, Brandon. I agree with Jason, it does not look to be a meteorite to me either. Hopefully you can sand a window into it and we'll see a little more.

And great job on your presentation of your find. You did the tests, posted some good info, and had a decent picture. Kudos to you!

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I'm sorry I'm so high maintenance. Where should I sand or cut a window at? I witnessed a fall in August. I've been searching the area since the harvested the field. I've had a few that we're meteor-wrongs. This is the first one that has made it through the test I know how to do. If the window does show me nickel and condeules, I will send it in to be classified. I think maybe cutting a sample that can be sent in is the best route to take. I than can sand my window from there. What is everyone's thinking on this?

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Well I can say with certainty that if that is a meteorite, it did not fall in August. There's nothing that looks like fusion crust, and as noted above it does look to be rounded by water. Start sanding one of the ends, probably easiest.

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