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Major gold theft rumored

Uncle Ron

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I just got word that theives have stolen the Siskiyou County Gold Collection .... I don't know how many pounds of gold there were, but this is a very major placer gold collection ... Someone broke in and stole the collection about 25 or so years ago and the cops followed a trail of nuggets -- ala Hantzel and Gretle-- and caught the thief at his home only a couple blocks from the courthouse ... The county then installed a supposedly unbeatable security system complete with 3" bullet proof glass and direct alarm to the sheriff dept. which is basically in the same building ... If true, this is an amazing haul ... Here's pix I took on my last visit to Yreka ... Cheers, Unc





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Sheriff Lopey responds on gold nugget heist

24.png Feb 1, 2012

34.pngSheriff Jon Lopey, Sheriffs, Siskiyou County, Siskiyou Sheriff's report



On February 1, 2012 at approximately 7:10 am the Yreka Police Department (YPD) received a report of a break in at the Siskiyou County Courthouse. The initial report was that the gold case located in the lobby of the Courthouse had been broken into and gold was missing. YPD officers and Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) Deputies and Detectives responded to the courthouse. A preliminary investigation revealed that at approximately 1:00 am two male individuals broke into the gold case and removed the contents.

According to Siskiyou County Treasurer Wayne Hammer the total value of the gold in the case is approximately $3 million dollars. The total value of what was taken is still being ascertained.

Sheriff Lopey stated “The SCSO is aggressively pursuing investigative leads in this case. YPD and the California Department of Justice are assisting us with the investigation and we have a team of highly skilled SCSO Detectives developing some promising leads. These thieves not only stole valuable gold that belongs to the people of Siskiyou County but these individuals violated the security and sanctity of our courthouse and stole a piece of our Siskiyou County history. We will not rest until the perpetrators are identified and held to answer for their crimes.”

If anyone has any information regarding this crime please contact the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Detectives Bureau at 841-2900.

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darn, Ron, that's terrible. I can remember back when I was young and dredging out in that country I stopped by that courthouse many times just to stand and gaze at that collection. I hope they find it and get it back in its place for all to enjoy. Hope they get the bad guys before they have a chance to melt it down and its lost forever.

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Yo All...I contacted "Drudge Report" about this story last night and this morning it's one of their lead stories, right under Michele Obama doing yoga with Ellen Digenernt. :ROFL: Cheers, Unc

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darn. Now I gotta wait to buy my new machine, what with all this unwanted attention.


I'm trying to figure out how they got in the case if the alarm was tripped and the cops were so close.

Either way, I think ey should melt down the damned perps who did this!

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Window left open and the vibration alarm did not work. They checked it out the first of August for function but 6 months later nada. They open the case and it went off soooooooooooooo???? Ifn' my collection was on exhibit I'd a checked it weekly at least as lotza history,legacy and casha!!Scumbags melted them by now :*&$*(: John

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:*&$*(: Update from tv yesterday. After 10 days they finally got offa their butts and weighed the remaining gold and found $600,000 missing ,how they came up with THAT figure is beyond me. BUT they were smiling and commented no big deal as insured--- :nutty: who cares it's our mining legacy GONE and reward now up to $15,000 for info. Sure hope they get them as melted for sure now--- :cry2: John

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Right. "No big deal because it was insured."

Too many people have the false assumption that these things -- like government services -- are somehow magically paid for by someone other than "we, the people".

It all falls into the "redistribution of wealth" category and basically every dime that gets paid out comes out of someone else's pocket. I say "basically" because there's the vig. The banks, insurance companies and everyone else involved gets their cut. So, the government keeps printing more and more money.

Did you hear that Europeans are burning wads of shredded money to keep warm this winter? Not a good sign!

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