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Not a Bad Hunt

frank c

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Just got home from a few days in the field. Teamed up with one of my huntin partners.

First day out we started detecting after 12 noon we had to set up camp first. I scored 8 nuggets before dark.

3rd day got 2 more for a total of 10 nugs over a quarter oz.total.

I specked an old hand knapped scraping or slicing tool real pretty piece.

The last day I hit a signal that was so faint it ended up with another hole to China in a wash. At 20 inches I scored a 1989d freakin penny.

My buddy Grandpa scored 7 the second day and then 1 the 3rd day and then hit 2 beauties, the last 2 were over a 1/4 oz each. Totaled 10 nugs.

I had the lead in finds but the "ol timer" Grandpa" finally caught up with me at 10 a piece but he out weighted me overall with his last 2 beauties.

He was the anchor man on this trip. He totaled out at just under 3/4 oz.

Together we detected over an ounce of Arizona Gold , Grandpa with his new wazoo ML 4500 an me with the 3500

Hapy Huntn an Keep on Beepin !!!!


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Steve that piece on the left is a GREEN host rock it has a small bit of quartz and what looks like calcite on the other side.

Quite a few people saw it and none had ever seen a piece like it before. Grandpa hit a beauty there.

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