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Last of the clam markers


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Found this can with clam that a Bill Baker stuck in a monument.

Back in WW2 my best friend Bill & I signed on a old Liberty ship that

we found out later was heading for the invasion of Okinawa Japan, Lost track

of Bill & no word from him since. Wonder If it is the same Bill Baker,

We were both to young for the Army

The species came from all over from different hunts, don't get me started on them, HA HA



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Fred, I found an old camp in the Chock wallows MT that had 30 Bully Beef Cans stuck to gather making an interesting treasure.

That I had to have, packed them 40 miles back to camp to show Gracie. She was less than enthused over them, & they disappeared

some time on the way home, They were a beautiful thing. I bet the cook marked the days in the month, 1 can,1 day 30 cans & take

this job & shove it.

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Tbone I met an old couple camped out near Qsite, Jack & Opal RIP that

cooked on a can like that with just a couple of pieces of charcoal,

They were not marred, he had his truck camper & she had her trailer.

Jack sure had a thing about the BLM, He would get started on them

& get so mad I was afraid he was going to have a stroke.

Both of them would tell you how the cow ate the cabbage, Opal had a

thing about dogs, If you had a dog she would tell you not to let

that dam thing poop around her camp. It took some doing on your part,

but after they laid down the law, every thing was Rosey & they would

go out of there wayto help you any way they could.

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Chuck: ani't it funny how things & people are diffrent from the city,growing up in Texas we would go fishing in these old quarries and meet Hermits who did,nt have a purpose other than to survive off the land.there camps as i remember them were shanties but were very funtional,using every item even when you stood there wondering what the hell are they doing,then with open minds you saw the reality of thir life.like alot of the past still being carried on in there life style.miners were the same,using what ever they could and making the best of the situation.

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