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Bring out your Dead!

Your Dying!

Or the Lame!

I don't care if they have been Run Over by a truck, Took a Swim or Just don't work.

I use these parts and or Repairable Detectors to Maintain what's left of my Sanity!

I have in the past, Provided a few local kids lower end models to learn and play with.

I Pay Shipping. I'm willing to pay a small price if I need the parts to Finnish a refurb.

Please Note: I have Never Made Money on these Detectors. Actually, this is a Liability. Cheaper then the Shrink Though!

Lower end Detectors will most likely make there way to kids and New bees at no cost or shipping only.

Current Inventory is :

Garrett Sea Hunter XL 500. Functional . Control Box, Coil only. No Shaft or Head Phones.

Whites Surf Master. PCB , Coil and Head Phones only.

Garrett S3 No Audio, Meter Functions and I just need to Get It up and Running. This one is my personal detector. 15KHz and has sniffed out some gold for me. Old Critter, Not Deep but it's fun. I need parts for it too! Head Phones shorted out , I know what is wrong with it but the part is a bit scarce.

Update. S3 Audio Corrected. Replaced CEN-U45 transistor in audio section. Collecting dust now.


Building a Old Tesoro Lobo from Scratch. Looking for a coil. Broken or Not!


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I do this on another forum and have doctored up two or three From there. Those detectors went to prizes in contest on that forum.

A old Whites Beach Comber.

Whites CoinMaster 4.

And two old radio shack detectors went to local kids here. Never did see those kids again? LOL

Forgot to mention, I have a Old Garrett ADS looking for a Coil (5.5KHz) in inventory as well.

That one I bought at the flea market for $10.00.

Thank You for the Good Words!

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Good job Homefire. This weekend I will be teaching the Jr Rockhounds of the Motherlode Mineral Club about detecting. I do a seeded field of easy money. They get to take home what they find. I have purchased three detectors so far to use along with my own. I do this every year and they love it. Some of them now have their own detectors to use in the class. It is fun to see their eyes when they find something. This year I had tshirts made up with the club logo and "I love to dirt fish" and "I love rocks" on the back. Jerry

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Deming has two horses now? Fancy that.

I gottum brand new GB2 coil that went south after just a few hours use. You are more than welcome to it.

And PVC makes dandy shafts, It can be bent to any shape or contour when you get the heat just right. It does not cost a dime and you can't break it if you dont overheat it too much. You can generally form it to fit any control box or mounting configuration in a couple of minutes. I only use the stock shafts with very heavy coils. I put the control box in an old camera bag slung over my shoulder.and have a shaft for every coil. Changing coils is easier and I have a bunch of tiny coils on short poles for when I am diggin' with the GB2 down on my knees. Maybe that idea will allow you to assemble some detectors that would otherwise have no shafts.

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Bob! Have you checked out the Connector on that coil?

Fisher won't correct it?

Have you ohmed it out and looked at it in any way?

Check that stuff out.

You may be able to save it.

If not, I'll take it and check it out.

If I can find the fault, you can have it back.

If not, I'll use the Housing for the one I need on the Lobo. Providing it will come apart in two whole peaces! LOL

Good Stuff.

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I am a carpenter Homefire. I can do absolutely anything with wood. I'm a darn good wrench and a pretty good welder/fabricator as well. If I wire up a light and it comes on then I am an electrician too. If it throws a bunch of sparks when I flip the switch then I simply smile and remember what a good welder I am. Electrons have never been my thing.

So I suppose the answer is "no", I havent ohmed it out, I have bummed it out. I have looked at it but it just makes me cuss. I have tried banging it with my hand and also baging it against my head. No luck. I let it sit on the shelf for the last seven or eight years and have never tried to get warranty work done on it so I figure that I may as well bequeath it to your improved mental health. If'n you can fix it then send it back and I will darn sure break it again for you.

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Homefire, you didn't get mine? I sent this big heart wishing you the best. It was wrapped in red paper just in time for Valentine's Day :)

Well done mate and I wish you the best. There are so many people in need but sometimes it can kick you in the butt. I was impressed with the response from all the members here on Nugget Shooters in regards to the Gold Pans. Some time back, well actually many years back, I befriended a person from Venezuela. One hell of a guy, he's a veternarian but times were tough for him. I asked if he had a detector. His enthusiasm was off the charts. I had a White's (can't think of the model at the present time) But it was worthy of such a gentleman. So I offered it to him and sent it off. Well ouch! The postage from here to Venezuela was, let's say HUGE.

But in those days, I was a little better off, so I didn't mind taking a hit and boy did it pay off. He's been a very good friend. Now and again I get packages from him. From mineral specimens to meteorites, letters from home, the situation he's enduring in Venezuela, pictures of him, his family and a sad situation with supermarkets.

That offer has been returned in a trillion fold. I feel I'm there with him, dealing with his situation. Such a simple gesture has returned in a monumental friendship. How things work in strange ways.

Carry on the great work Homefire.

Cheers, Johnno

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The detectors I usually get doing this stuff are the older detectors to the most parts.

Not much of a market for this stuff. If there was, I would sell a few off make enough money to buy parts to keep me going.

Maybe I could even make a few dollars while doing what I like .

I 've been just giving them away in contest on the forums I frequent or giving the lower end ones to kids I come across that show a REAL interest in them.

Not many of those kids out there these days it seems.

Not trying to be a Boy scout here but I figure to the most parts all I have invested in these detectors is Time and Effort.

If I can put a smile on a few faces in contest or giving a kid a start then it's not a total wasts of my time. LOL

I have two personal Projects working at this time.

A Surf PI kit and Working on a Revers engineered OLD Lobo .

If any one else out there is interested in doing stuff like that let me know


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, this is a LOOOONG Shot.

Looking for a Old Lobo coil here.


I may be able to use the coil BB gave me but have to play with the tuning Caps to do so.

I would rather do it the right way and get it done.

I will build one if I have too.

Pain in the Buttocks.

I have a motor winding place here that can do one for me If I need .


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I have a standard coil somewhere but they are scarcer than hen's teeth. What do you have to trade? Hate to let an old (not used) coil go for nothing considering their rarity. Also, I might have one of the small elliptical's somewhere if I can find it.

BTW, I have an original Lobo in AZ I need to get back. Tony Pancake has it. Hope it still works since it is modified dramatically and worked extremely well, much better than original. The disc feature is enhanced and one of the best anywhere even on very tiny gold.


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Hey Homefire, I'm lookin fer a part fer an old Garrett. The plastic "AA' battery pack, insert, dealy, thing. A friend of mine has an old Garrett "350", (thats what he called it) I'm guessin its an Ace-350, he said its 12-15yrs. old, he pulled out the closet to take it fera spin round a park and realized he was missin 1 of 2 "AA" battery packs that go inside it I guess, fer power. I don't know, all I own is Fishers, but he asked me if I knew where a feller might find an old part, and I told him I'd see if such a part could be found. I'll pay ya fer it plus the shipping if you could drum something up. If you do or can, just post it here or PM me when you can make the time, thanx man. RH

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I suspect the model your friend has is the GTAX 350 which uses two battery holders. Unfortunately, I don't think Radio Shack carries the particular holder you need, but you can get them on ebay.

Here is a link to the ones I believe you will need. Double check with your friend to make sure this holder matches the one he has.


Hope this helps.


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A "GTAX 350", cool, thanx fellers, I will look on E-bay, I copied the link, thanx Reg. This guy, he's more an aquaintance than a friend, he's the president of the geology club here in Mi. that I belong to, and he came to me at the last meetin during a break cause I'm the only one in the club who owns a couple MD's. Just went to ebay, and thats xactly what I think he's needin, and thanx again guys. RH

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