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3 LSD Dinks

Mike C...

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I got out with a good friend for some beepin in the famous there is no more gold windy LSD to test out my new to me old NF 17 E fiberglass mono coil which I purchased from Frank aka SGT :thumbsupanim Frank its no longer a gold virgin I scored the 3 dinks with it in a beat to death old patch :head: and my hunch about the old fiberglass coils vs the advantage coils was right on :idea: One of the dinks I found yesterday was under a GRAIN :yikes: Hell who needs a GB 2 or a smaller coil when I can find them this small with this size coil and a 5000 :head: PS Bill was suppose to meet up with us but bowed out-good thing you would have lost another dollar :arrowheadsmiley: Mike C... :ph34r2:


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Guest goldstudmuffin

Nice nuggies WTG Mike,

The old Nuggetfinder 16" round fiberglass is my favorite coil, it may not get those 2 or 3 grainers but it will go deeper on the big stuff.

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