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Regarding 'Franconia'

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I have driven past the 'general' area while crusing on Hwy. 40 and it looks 'typically' barren.

While I'm not positive about the 'exact' area, is it possible to camp at that vicinity without being 'bothered' or is it smarter to go elsewhere to spend the night?


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Hello Dale. I live in Lake Havasu, about 30 minutes from Franconia. I have not heard of anyone having trouble camping in that area.

I do recommend that you camp on the North side of the freeway though. The ground is much flatter and "firmer". The South side is very sandy, and some people get stuck.

I hope this helps,


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WOW.........maybe I need to start drinking again??

Please reverse my compass headings.......The SOUTH SIDE is the best........

I sure hope you arent there on the wrong side already !

My apologies,


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There are plenty of places to camp on the Northside, where your chances of finding a meteorite are 100% better than the south side. You can check out my videos on Youtube about hunting Franconia, at


Good Luck,


Hi all!

I agree with Jason. Very few people "camp" on the Southside. Those with Motorhomes and such might find it better on the Southside because of access but the North is by far better. There are areas to get away from the city lights, the wind and the scenery is by far, better.

Today, the vast majority of hunters that camp, do it on the North side and it's been that way, for several years.


Jim (Just getting back from camping...at Franconia)

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Aloha Dale,

I agree with Jim as camping on the north side tends to get you closer to the hunting area and it also gives you a chance to "get away from everyone". Several great spots to camp out there, just make sure you dont camp in a BLM/Wilderness area. Signs are posted so you shouldnt have that probelm. Just got back from an ovenite camp with Jim and Wendy and fell that my energy level is getting back to normal. PS: I live in Las Vegas and it tends to suck the life out of everyone there.

Enjoy yourself out there and as usual be careful.


Stan aka Kaimi

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