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Ignoring the Trash with the E-TRAC

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I was in a very trashy area with the E-trac and I got a good tone .I perfer to hunt in multi tone mode.

The koolest find i had this last month was a brass key that is inbeded in rust from it's own ring. The E-trac is great at ignoring the Iorn and trash while seeing the good targets.


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I had a etrac for a short time and it is good in trash but lacks in the depth department as compared to the previous explorer series like the XS-EX 2-SE yes I've been there and did that with each one of the series-IMO the EX 2 was the best of the bunch :head: Mike C... :ph34r2:

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Hi All,

well couldn't get any nugget shooting in this last week, but have been playing with the E-TRAC some more in my yard and across the highway in the old location of Morristown.

Have gotten a bunch of assorted crap and damaged jewelry, but also have gotten 21 Wheaties and these two dimes to go with the 1927 D from a week back or so. Wasn't sure exactly what I had until today with the 1913 as it was very dirty and hard to see until I brought in in to clean it off this afternoon at work and rinsed it with water. Heck I thought is was some kind of token or something when I found it..... This coin was minted 1 year after AZ was a state!



Not being a coin guy as much as a nugget shooter should I try to clean it anymore than with water? Or is it best to leave it like it is? I think I already know, but it would sure look good cleaned up....

The Merc is also pretty old and I wonder if some old timer had them in a coin collection or????

Lots of trash where these came from and the detector was continually blanking out iron, but still heard these and other good targets.

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Neither of the dimes are key dates even if they had a mint mark and only worth a buck or three over the melt value, melt value for silver dimes at this moment is $2.43.

Here's link for regular and silver coin melt values.


It's how many coins that were minted for a particular year and mint mark that makes the value of the coin worth more than another date, another thing that will make a coin valuable is an error when it was struck, the number of coins struck with the error and put into circulation before the error is discovered determines the rarity error coins.


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Bill hunting coins is a good alternative to getting out for gold, but you are closer than me as I have a 45 minute drive to hunt for gold. The silver coins and wheaties are a lot better than clad coins. The jewelry if real gold or silver is also a bonus for scrap prices if it is not good enough to recycle....Jerry

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Coin hunting is a lot of fun if you have some "old" places to hunt. Prescott being a old town, it is very trashy in some my better spots, the Etrac/Explorer machines having the abilty to look through the trash is the only way to go. Just like the gold machines they do take a while to learn. I had the 70/705 pretty well figured out and found my first silver this last fall, 1903 dime and a 1924 quarter, and while I still love to hunt the nuggets, coins are a blast when I can't get down to the desert.


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