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1896 clam marker in a great can


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As a rule after a clam marker has endured the sun & Werther of the AZ. Desert for 5 or 6 years it is toast.

found this one in a can with no lid in the Trigos that is in great shape, Three Mexicans located this load claim 14 miles from the Colorado River & 18 miles from Ehrunberg, The Gold producer mine which is a extension of the Proidencia mine, I think is a big quartz blow that the Old timers had followed, for no telling how far, there is a old ladder sticking out of the workings.

Ten years back, there was a little adobe Museum in Qsite, don't know if it is still there, it looked pretty iffy that it would endure for long. I have a tendency to value things that I find more than they are really worth & they may not even wont it. There comes a time in a mans life that he needs to try to find a new home for things only he values,


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I have 4 boys & not a one of them give a big dump about our history or

the junk that the old timers left behind to give us an incite of there

life & times. I bought my first detector in the early 60es. They grue up

around me waving that darn thing every where & raving about the great

stuff I was finding.

IF I wasn't so darn old I have a notion to take it to the local

Pinkerton. bet there would be some sweet young thing there that would appreciate

an old Fart with some old junk. Just joking, To darn old.

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G'Day Chuck

The statement on the young folk, I'm afraid is very true. Now that's not to say that it applies to all young folk, they just have fresh visions and modern day distractions.

That is one hell of a find. And like Jason, I have an eye for tins as well but nothing to report as yet. I love to hear the stories and the history, including the stories of how it was found. So I'll let you know I have a big ear, anytime you want to yell at it, let me know.

Cheers, Johnno

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That is awesome, Chuck. I love seeing old stuff like that!

I am pretty young, compared to many on here at least, and get it completely.

I grew up in AR, so we had history all around us when I was a kid. I remember digging in Crater of Diamonds state park looking for my own whopper of a diamond (only ever found a few slivers) and going to see the Toltec Mounds (I wanted to dig into them to see what was inside, crap, I still want to dig into them!)

I guess you can say I've always dug digging and the outdoors.

Now I'm passing that love of being outside to my daughter. She's 5 going on 15 and has her own little Bounty Hunter metal detector. I may even give my GMT when I get a PI soon!

She loves going anywhere Daddy goes and LOVES digging for buried treasure anywhere there's dirt and I let her. Actually, she doesn't care if I let her :)

Why your kids didn't take to your hobby, know that some out there did, and are passing it down :)

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