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So, I took the Eureka Gold out for some hunting during the warmer months this year. I was experiencing the detector being very stable while in fixed mode and pretty erratic while in any tracking mode. I thought normally the opposite would be true since the tracking should eventually cancel out the ground changes. Has anyone else experienced this or do I need to send off the detector for a check-up? It seemed that I could not swing the coil very fast when using the tracking modes or the coil detector would begin making noises. That may have been related to coil cable movement, but with absolutely zero instability in fixed mode I wonder if that was the case. (Unless fixed mode is like cancel mode on a GP model Minelab PI detector, then I guess I would be losing a lot of depth in fixed mode, but I don't think fixed would be comparable to cancel mode).

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Just to elaborate a bit more, the detector seemed totally erratic and would never settle down in tracking, while it seemed much less sensitive in fixed, but it also was a hundred times more quiet. This was in Nevada, probably on fairly mild ground. It should have been ground balanced, at least I did go through the motions of balancing it. If that sounds normal under some conditions I won't worry about it, I was just surprised by the difference between settings.

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Hello Bigrex,

I have and sometime use a xt18000 which is basicly the

same detector as yours without that problem so it is my

guess that it has a problem of some sort. I'd send it in and

have it checked. There a good detector, not as deep as an SD or

any of the newer one's but still a good detector.

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Hi Bill and XT18000,

Well I bought it used, so who knows the history of the detector. I would have to send it in and see what they say and then pay for it. I did have a XT18000 and don't remember it acting quite like this. I'll probably send it off early this spring. Haven't had the experience of dealing with the new Chicago repair shop, the last time I had something serviced it was a GP3000 and you could talk directly to Dick Shultz, at least he would come on the line without even requesting to speak with him. I hope the service is not as hit and miss as I've heard as of late. Thanks again for the reply here everyone.

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