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Ancient Quicky Token?

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Museum: Rare coin may be Roman brothel token

LONDON (AP) -- The Museum of London is displaying a coin found by the River Thames that may have been used nearly 2,000 years ago as a "brothel token" in Roman London.

The bronze coin shows a man and woman in an intimate embrace.

Senior curator Caroline McDonald said Thursday it is impossible to determine precisely what the coin was used for.

She says it is probable brothels existed in London when the coin was in circulation after the Roman invasion of Britain in the 1st Century A.D.

Experts believe the coin was concealed by mud along the river banks for some 2,000 years before it was discovered recently by a man with a metal detector looking for objects near Putney Bridge.

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Interesting find.... Those old brothel tokens are a rare find here in the Southwest as well and can be worth quite a bit!

%99 of all "brothel tokens",that surface in the U.S. are fantasy pieces.....I only know of a few that are(were) the real deal....and yea,they are rare!!

An interesting piece I have seen several of now dug are Large Cents,with the "E",replaced with a "U",the examples I have seen are expertly done,it has been said they were possibly of "Brothel",use,but I have seen no evidence to support that theory

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Mildred had tokens in Silver City, Deming, Roswell and Ketchikan Alaska. She used them just like the chickens at the "Chicken Ranch" in LA Grange, Texas. Since a lot of patrons traded for the services and had no money to part with it made sense.

I have seen tokens in the museum in Hillsboro for the "Orchard Hotel". While it was a legitimate hotel it was also a brothel and I would imagine quite a few were used to pay the "hourly rate" at the Hotel. While they werent actually nookie nickels there just had to have been a lot of tokens that were used in that way or in a similar fashion.

Yeah, they would probably be worth a lot of money to a collector.

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One of these fantasy tokens is the Banana Ranch...which was a real brothel.I have several of these tokens,and have sen them go for BIG money.Problem is a local Antique dealer had them made in the 1970's and sold em for 50 cents.......I could go on and on,I know of three different ones from Virginia City Nev. and at least four from Virginia City Mont.

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