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Newbie in Colorado needs a bit of advice


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A little over a year ago, I purchased a new Whites GMT detector from a local dealer. Initially, I wanted a detector that would do a good job of nugget hunting here in Colorado. I was told by the dealer that a Minelab would not be a good detector here in this state due to mineralization. So I took his word for it and bought the GMT. The local dealer did not sell Minelab. Yet after reading so many posts, I now find myself wondering if that is true. Obviously, what gold is here in Colorado is very small and nuggets are rare. Does anybody here know if a Minelab would be productive here? I know that out in AZ country, they appear to be the preferred detector of choice. I made one trip out to Stanton (Rich Hill vicinity) some time back, but being a newbie, obviously got completely skunked. What little gold I have found herelocally needs a magnifying glass to see and was retrieved via sluicing/panning. I have this one item on my bucket list that I would really like to complete and that is to find something that you can pick up with your two fingers rather than having to view with a magnifying glass. I am retiring in February and hope to make another trip out to AZ to try again. Additionally, I am considering a Minelab somewhere in the 2500.00 range if it would be useable here in my home state. Would really like to have a GPX-5000 but until I can at least offset some of the expense (read justification to wife), I will have to buy one of the older units. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. Also what clubs I should join before coming out to AZ to have some place to legally beep. I read here a lot about LSD. Is that an "open" area or club claims? Again, thanks to all for any input and the wealth of information this forum provides.

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I am assuming that you are referring to the ML PI's when you refer to the ML.

Basically, you made the right choice for hunting Colorado in buying a higher frequency VLF such as the GMT. I have both PI's and VLF's specifically designed for nugget hunting and the choice for the size of gold usually found here in CO is so small that the GMT is a very good choice.

Personally, I feel both are needed in many places but there are very few places one can usually hunt here in CO where the gold is big enough that a PI would work well. That is why VLF's are so popular as the detector of choice here.

Yes, larger gold can be found but compared to places like Nevada, California, or Arizona, it is very scarce here. Although I do know a guy who has had access to some prime ground that has found a few larger nuggets here. In fact, he posted a couple of pics a few years back.

I have friends who have found literally hundreds of small nuggets using their GMT's here in CO but very few larger ones and they have had access to some of the most prime ground over the years.

The bottom line is, your detector will work just fine here. The problem is, getting the coil over the gold and that is difficult to do. Some time back I posted something on a different forum of using a tarp as a false bedrock in areas containing possible gold. Well, one guy did that and transported a bunch of buckets of dirt from old tailing piles to a tarp. It took several but he did find a couple of small nuggets using his detector.

Just for the record, I don't have a GMT, but do have and used the following; a GM 4, an LST, a GB 2, an old Lobo, an XT18000, a Gold Trax, and a few other VLF's commonly used for gold hunting, such as the MXT. I do plan on getting a GMT in the future though.


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If you don't have the little coil, get it. Do your research and hunt in an area where gold has been found by metal detectors. Learn that machine, it is a very good VLF. And don't pass up a opportunity to hunt old home site. Gold comes in coin form too :)


A for what the dealer told you …….. Well, its like walking in a Ford dealership and asking if the Chevys area better choice. Point is he made the sale and you probably don't trust him as much, if at all now.

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