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Here is a tuning tip that has come from the Minelab engineers and testers that you may not have heard as yet....

The auto tuning/noise cancel procedure in the manual says to hold the coil straight out and slowly rotate 180 degrees and stop at the noisiest point of EMI and press the tune button.

After further testing it has come to light that perhaps it is best to tune at the point of the "least" EMI so as to allow the tuning procedure to sample the full range of interference down to the very least before settling on a channel for best detecting.

Seriously folks give it a try and you will be surprised and it is good to know Minelab is constantly working and testing even our current models to improve our chances in the field.

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That procedure should work for all GP and GPX series detectors as they all have that auto-tune button. I've been using it lately and it has been making a difference in steadying that sometimes warbling threshold.

Mike F

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Alll right ty then ,,,that tech tip is great, I guess, but then what do I know, I just a web detectorist recruit hoping to pass boot camp eventually and go out into the Fleet as a proud "Shoveler" :brows:


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