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100 mesh gold recovery


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Have a high grade ore containing over 15 opt au. One ton concentrates down to around 25 gallons. The problem is the au is -100 mesh. Have a miller table but that process is slow and difficult. The only fast recovery method Ive tried is mercury but not wanting to follow that due to exposure. Any ideas on a faster recovery method for -100 mesh.

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Just Put it in a Tumbler, Dose it with Mercury and do it.

No problems if you do it right.

Do you have CFL light bulbs in your house?

No Big Deal if you do it right.

Read Up and Do it Right!

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There are lots of good processes. It has been my experience that they are great fun, lots of education, but rarely worth the time and money. We used to produce a little free milling ore and we wound up selling the concentrates rather than trying to seperate the gold. We did good but it was a bummer not seeing the gold in a vial all pure and nice.

I had a buddy that fancied himself a chemist and we tried all sorts of stuff. We mostly made a mess and breathed a lot of metal fumes. I finally took our most easily reduced product to the Phelps Dodge refinery in El Paso and they made an offer based on their assays. It beat anything that we could do on our own by a good margin.

I wouldn't know who to take it to today, but I bet there are a lot of people extracting gold from various concentrates out there.

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