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Did you notice that those meteorites were hyphenated? Omani-Swiss the "proper" way and not Swiss-Omani.

I know a fellow who travels to Oman looking for space rocks, and I havent seen him around these parts for a few seasons. I wonder if'n he may be in some sort of a scrape?

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Nice video, thanks for sharing! The part about the 2 Americans jailed last year was glossed over, but that had nothing to do with any actual laws being broken; funny they even mentioned it.

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Hi Guys

Yeah Johnno I know Muscat very well !! I spent 6 weeks without a passport and a couple days in prison there with a bunch of crazy Russians. Fred the old web page was www.dontvisitoman.com

which is no longer out there. Maybe some archive retrival is available that is if you wish to see my tighty whities ?? Geoff Notkin of Meteorite Men fame built that web page for me before he became a famous meteorite hunter. Frank I don't know where the avatar came from I never had one???? Happy Huntin John B.

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