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Happy Gully's Best Nug Yet

Uncle Ron

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Yo All... I figured the last few days of fun finds would deplete this tiny patch, but, as I said earlier, ya just can't get'em all ... Today I received a new NF14" E Mono to replace my ol'Baboo that has taken a dump ... Putted on out to Happy Gully to see if she might give up just one more nuggie ... Got up to the area I found two yesterday way up on the bench ... The new coil was making irritating sounds so I decided to adjust some knobs on the 4500 in hopes of quieting things down a notch ... I was having a little bit of trouble because the coil kept sliding away from me so I braced it against a rock and, cowabunga, you'd have thought I braced it against some rogue anvil ... I thought I'd really screwed things up with my knob adjusting... I moved the coil away from the rock and the noise stopped ...I made the brilliant connection that I had a target ... I did and it turned out to be the biggest nugget I've found in Happy Gully, a beautiful pendant piece, 3.25 Grams, a little over 2 DWT ... So, as usual, here's a bunch of photos of it and also a family portrait of the total .27 OZT I've found over the past couple visits there ... Cheers, Unc






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Thanks for the Attaboys all ... This gully has taught me a bunch, especially, when you work a spot hard and it seems to quit, then go in from a different angle and a different attitude...Freakin' amazing... It's not like a quarter ounce is the beginning or end of the world, but when you find yourself reminding yourself of old skills and approaches, it's a much fun and rewarding experience ... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Congrats Unc....sure is beautiful gold....your proving what I've been doing for years when I'm lucky enough to

find a virgin patch....I grid it at least 4 different directions and usually with two different coils....sure makes me

feel good that someone else is having good results doing the same thing....

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