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Another nice day in Happy Gully

Uncle Ron

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Yo, All...After scouring this little gully for several days with the Joey Mono on my 4500, today I switched over to my Nuggetfinder 17" E Mono ... Wahoo! 1.4 and 1.6 grams ... As I was walking up the gully but, to better assess the lay of the flow, up on the high bank above it, I realized the old timers had gone through and shoveled the upper material and thrown it high on the bench in order to get to the bedrock paystreak faster ... In this general area of LSD I've found quite a few gullies where they did this and it usually pays off with a couple of nuggets, usually of decent size, up on the bench ... Both of these nuggets were down about 10" deep and 5 to 10 feet up on the bench, but they sure did scream on the NF17 ... Anyhow, another great day in the big AZ workin' on my tan ... Cheers, Unc




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