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Infinium or not?


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Hello to everyone I was hoping to get some advice/opinions from this forum.I currently have a GMT and a MXT pro,I want a pulse machine after researching I have convinced myself that I want a Garret Infinium I really like the fact that it is submersible.However I am more excited about the fact that it is also a good nugget hunter.I live in the Sacramento area there are countless beaches/lakes/rivers and of course right in the middle of gold country I have read everything that I could find on the internet about the Infinium I am allready planning on a aftermarket shaft,8 in mono,3x7 DD and the headphone adapter so I can use my Sunray Gold pro headphones on land.I know the Infinium is long overdue for an update should I wait? (not good at waiting) anyone heard of a new Infinium coming soon? Is there anything else on the market that can compare on nuggets and beach/diving? At a reasonable price.Thanks in advance

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I have one and I like it.

I'm not a diver though, so I'll never know its full potential.

I live in East-Central Florida, so it's one of my beach and surf machines.

I've also used it in the desert regions of AZ & NM.

Works great in both environments.

I'm actually still learning all its nuances though because I don't use it as often as I most likely normally would if my closest beach was just about anywhere else other than where I am. There's this kinda weird double-strike situation against the location/area.

The nearest beach is Cape Canaveral - Cocoa Beach. Strike one: After the first space shuttle incident back in '85 about a gazillion square miles of ocean floor was picked clean of everything during the search for any and all pieces parts to 'rebuild' her in a hangar in order to find out what happened, even though basically everyone already knew what happened. Who knows what all kinds of treasure got raked off the floor during that operation as well?

Strike two: Every inch of beach between the south jetty of Port Canaveral and at least Vero Beach, probably Ft. Pierce and beyond, has been replenished / renourished / whatever they want to call it with pumped in ocean bottom sand at least once, except for a couple mile stretch about four miles north of Sebastian Inlet. The sixty-three mile drive from here to that beach access point goes through some of the nastiest speed trap DUI checkpoint slow speed limit infested li'l beach 'burg's on the entire east coast of the continent. So I don't head down to that clean stretch of beach all too often, sunken treasure ships offshore or not.

Meanwhile back @ Cocoa Beach etc., everything that had been lost on the beaches for all those previous years is now under who knows how many feet of pumped in sand, and since all that pumped in sand had been picked clean back in the '80s the only things ya find are the occasional rusty bolt or the penny someone lost yesterday.

So I punish the beach, and myself, by usually taking a Cobra or Viper instead. They've been mini-modded by removing the control boxes and putting those on waist belts so the shafts & coils are now fairly well balanced for land usage instead of diving, but since they had been designed for diving the cables are just a scosh too short to allow for a nice full swing. Oh well...

For still not having the L/S fine tunings under control, the deepest target I've dug with it was at about 20" + - in the desert areas. I'm fairly certain it'll get deeper, but that's where I bottomed out due to limited hours swinging & listening to what she was trying to tell me.

If there's any complaint I have about the Infinium, which is more an annoyance really, is that even while wearing the battery / controls pack the stock coil gets heavy after awhile. Shouldn't be a problem for you though, since you're planning on customizing. It's also amazingly well-balanced for land use, which is a good trick to pull off. I have to give Garrett bonus points for that.

I would think you could call Garrett and they'd tell you if anything new is in the works. And if for some reason they won't, call Kellyco. If there's something new in the pipeline, those folks usually know about it.


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The following is PERSONAL OPINION:

The Infinium is not a good machine for nugget shooting. It is really not that good a machine perod. It is outperformed by the Tesoro Sand Shark pulse induction unit (only $600.00), which I would also not recommend for nugget shooting. You'll find more gold with a Fisher Goldbug than you will with the Infinium. Don't even get me started on beach hunting...

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You might go over to the treasurenet forum I am linking to and read the report by Jim Hemmingway.

Here is a link to his comparison of a couple of detectors. The heading refers to the TDI but the article covers quite a bit of info on the Infinium. It is a well written article and done very professionally.


Hopefully, this will give you more info that is worthwhile.

One more note, the silver being found is nothing like what one gets in a silver coin. Very often a good sample will generate a low conductor signal much like gold. So, there are similarities between looking for silver or gold where Jim hunts in Canada.


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Myself and a few of my friends use the Infinium with great results. It is a good detector that takes some time to learn. Given the choice for a PI detector close to the same price range I would go with the TDI SL. But dont discount the Infinium, I feel it is very under rated, and I have personally seen and used it to find gold.

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Here in SoCal I know of virtually no one that consistently finds nuggets who uses an Infinium. Minelab is the undisputed PI boss -- even the older, used models that are out of production.

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Thanks for the info guys I will go with the infinium,I know it is not the king of PI machines however it is the only one that is at bare minimum a respectable nugget machine and it is submersible and affordable.. Hey whylee what about coils for the infinium.

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