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Hey all! First off, I'm brand new here and just want to introduce myself.

I'm also new to prospecting.

I hear a lot about finding rocks and smashing them up etc. I guess my question is ... What am I looking for?? I know quartz is typically found with gold, but is that considered "ore"? What does gold ore look like?

Thanks in advance for any info and a special thanks to Bucket & Boomer for turning me onto this site!

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Well hello there Lew!!! hows the real estate business in Havasu doing these days buddy? I plan on stopping over there in feb for some site seeing on the way to Bullhead. You'll get alot...I mean ALOT of good knowledge in here, and then there's Skip...who manages to run an encyclopedia factory out of his garage...who knew. :wubu: he certainly knows his way around the web!! and before I typed the full post here he had one up....he's fast!

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Sometime in feb, haven't narrowed it down yet but the ol lady said she wanted to show me Havasu, she's been there I haven't.

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