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Yo All...The weather is just awesome right now here in the big AZ so I scooted back out to a little gully at the LSD that's been really good to me for 2012 ... It's so small that I really thought I'd de-dinkerized the short length, but by slowing down with the Joey on my 4500 I hit a butt-load of targets, including this exactly one gram beauty.. It was down about 10" ... Guess I'll get back out with a larger coil for some of the deeper ground ... Workin' on my tan, too! ... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah




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Congratulations! My biggest peice so far only came in at .5 gram

Speed seems to be a big factor in success these days, too fast and lots of targets are missed. At least thats what i'm picking up from you experts :head:

Like they say Dave "low and slow"....unless your in virgin ground...

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Nice one for sure. Planning on coming out to AZ in April or May to try to complete one item on my bucket list. To find something that you don't need a magnifying glass to see! Any pointers on where to go as well as what clubs to join would be appreciated. Is LSD a club claim? Certainly don't want to accidentally become a "claim jumper". Any and all information would be most helpful for sure. Also, are Atv's allowed on LSD?

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No one had responded, so I will...


LSD stands for Little San Domingo and it is a dry placer area northwest of Phoenix near Lake Pleasant and Wickenburg, AZ.

There are claims all over the place. To get on several in the area, joining GPAA is a good start and will open up hundreds of claims across the US.

Other areas are

Lynx Creek, which is another placer area, but has a free panning area that is open to all. It's in thenPrescott area.

Stanton near Congress and Yarnell, AZ - again lots of claims around the bigndraw of Rich Hill, GPAA has several as does Weaver Mining District officer in Congress, AZ.

There are many other clubs, but GPAA is national and Weaver is inexpensive. Most clubs around here are rather localized to AZ or the western states, and several have significant buy in.

Good luck out there

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