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Hundreds of Minelab GPX 4500 Detectors Stolen

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National Geo carried a story on this,we mapped it all for them in both Pak/Afg/Iraq and what a mistake as now the terrorists REALLY want them now and have stepped up all activity in all these nations now recognized as a mineral powerhouse---John

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Yeah, I read where a buttload of big companies are organizing to try and develop Afghani minerals. I bet the copper and moly deposits will get snapped up by the biggies. You know those lonesome placers are going to belong to the shitheads though. I bet they have known exactly where the gold is for generations but simply had not been exposed to the process. Where they used to find a nugget or two by eye every once in a while is now a potential fortune.

They have the lions share of the European opium trade, billions of US dollars, and vast mineral reserves. Of course they have ties to some big oil money too. Someone is profiting nicely and I bet it is not the Afghani people.

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