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Meteorite & Marriage Proposal in Arizona

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This is really neat, and I just have to share it! Back in October of 2011, a man called me with a request. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend, in a very special way, during a meteorite and gold prospecting trip out west. If at all possible, he wanted his fiancé-to-be to “find” the engagement ring while metal detecting for meteorites or panning for gold, just after the Christmas holiday. I immediately knew there was just one guy to call, Frank C.

We talked about what I needed and he agreed to take on the job without hesitation. The customer called me a few days ago, after seeing the photos that Frank took, which I made into a Youtube for Arizona Gold Adventures. He wanted me to know how much he – and his fiancé, appreciated all of Frank’s expert instruction, and help in setting up the perfect Gold Basin surprise!

I’ll let Frank comment on how he pulled it off, but he will forever be part of fond, lifelong memories for this great couple!

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Very cool, Terry!


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Aloha guys,

Man what a bunch of softies we all are when it comes to pleasing the "better half" eh! Nice job guys. Something they will both remember for a long time to come and also some good stories at the wedding to boot.

Aloha and stay safe.

Stan aka Kaimi

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What a wonderful thing to do, good on you Frank and Terry!

Congratulations to the happy couple. Excuse me, I've gotten something in my eyes.

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