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I feel any creek is worth testing out no matter what, for the small price of a gold pan I test everywhere, I've even tested my front yard, I've tested my floormats after a trip, i've panned out the dirt from the bed of my truck, my pockets after a trip, so a creek anywhere is an invite to...at the very least, practice my panning.

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Bucket here's a new project for panning for you....if your at a farm that has a lot of chickens ask the farmer if he has

a chickenhouse....many do if their have a big bunch of chickens...ask him where he dumps the chicken $hit when

he cleans out the chicken house....chickens love to eat little gravels and gold nuggets....

My job for years was to clean out the chicken house of 300 fricking chickens once a week...with a big scoop shovel

and the $hit dust was unbearable....I now love to eat fried chicken but only as revenge!!!

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:hahaha: :hahaha: Revenge is sweet aint it? Gold can be found in the oddest places, too bad my floormats drew a blank on gold but I did manage four skittles, 7 sunflower seeds, an unshelled peanut, two pennies and an old can of Kodiak...wintergreen. Hey Urban.. other than the usual stuff like behind big rocks and natural riffles and such there are no secrets, just sample,sample,sample.

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